Plenary and hot topic sessions will consist of invited speakers and award winners from the highest scoring. Next to the plenary and hot topic presentations, we are planning 2 poster sessions, 2 oral presentation sessions, 8 parallel workshops, and a 3MT competition.

SLIMP award 2019

Plenary sessions

Hot topics


Placental transport and metabolism as barriers between the fetus and the environment

Preeclampsia and maternal cardiovascular disease: Consequence or predisposition?

Extracellular vesicles signaling in unhealthy pregnancy

Trophoblast differentiation and intracellular signaling

Advances in research about mother-fetus-placenta Infections

Elizabeth Bonney (USA)

Preterm birth: The situation

Bo Jacobson (Sweden)

“Genetic architecture of gestational duration and preterm delivery – the result for a GWAS study”

Nardhy Gomez (USA)

“Molecular and cellular mechanisms of preterm labor”

Parental-induced placental adaptations and their mark on offspring