The Latin American Society for Maternal Fetal Interaction and Placenta was founded in 2000 to promote the advance of research in this area and to encourage the interchange of information between clinical and basic research.
This Association organizes meetings, courses and conferences and plays an increasing role in raising awareness for issues of mutual interest for Latin America in Clinical and Basic Science in the field of maternal fetal interaction. The SLIMP meetings are supported by registration fees and grants from Scientific Agencies and Scientific Companies.
The Constitution of the Society (ATA1.pdf) is available for inspection.

Committee and Officers

The Society is run by a Committee of unpaid volunteers elected by the members each 2 years at the SLIMP meetings. The SLIMP is represented by an elected member of the Committee in Placenta Associations of the Americas – PAA. SLIMP Committee are in charge of the upcoming meetings and website.

The Committee generally meets each two years, at the SLIMP Meeting. Additional meetings are arranged from time to time. Courses and additional meetings should be submitted to the Committee for consideration.

Members of the Society are encouraged to send proposal for Scientific and Education activities at any time. Meeting attendees who have completed the membership form are automatically considered members of SLIMP.

The Latin American Society for Maternal Fetal Interaction and Placenta Committee is constituted by representatives from:



Alicia Jawerbaum
(SLIMP representative in PAA)



Estela Bevilacqua
(SLIMP alternate in PAA)



Luis Sobrevia
(SLIMP alternate in PAA)



Ana Bertha Torres Reyes



Reinaldo Marín



Angela Cadavid



Grazzia Rey Díaz



Luis Morocho

Other Committee members

Claudio Barbeito (Argentina)

Alexandre Borbely (Brasil)

 Paola Casanello (Chile)

Alicia Damiano (Argentina)

Carlos Escudero (Chile)

Marcelo Farías (Chile)

Mariana Farina (Argentina)

Ana Franchi (Argentina)

Ricardo Fretes (Argentina)

Cristina Ibarra (Argentina)

Urlike Kemmerling (Chile)

Andrea Leiva (Chile)

Cecilia Soñora (Uruguay)

Cecilia Varone (Argentina)

Young Committee Members

Nathalia Azevedo Portilho (Brazil)

Jusciele Moreli (Brazil)

Ana Cristina Racca (Argentina)

Website Administrators

Alejandra Erlejman (Argentina)

Esteban Grasso (Argentina)

Flavia Sacerdoti (Argentina)